Secure any data in transit or storage with flexible pricing and no upfront costs

Encrypted Communication

Add end-to-end encryption on top of your existing messaging functionality. Toolkit includes E3Kit.

Secure Storage

Protect passwords and data in a database and render stolen data worthless. Toolkit includes PureKit.

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  • 251–5K users
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  • 100K+ users
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Get your project off the ground with the basics
  • Unlimited secure communication between users, including group chat
  • Unlimited sensitive data sharing and backup between devices
  • Unlimited registered user devices with authentication
  • Slack community support
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Pro Startup pricing available

The support your production app needs as it grows

Everything from FREE plan, plus:

  • Guaranteed SLA
  • Dev / staging / production environments
  • Global geo-balancing
  • 24/7 support
  • Online security best practice audit
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Ultimate control and flexibility at scale

Everything from PRO plan, plus:

  • Dedicated customer support engineer
  • On-premise hosted Virgil backend services
  • Country-specific data location
  • Business Associate Agreement
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Support Plans

Individual support

You’re looking for training or consulting on a specific question

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  • Hands-on help debugging your code
  • Personal support reproducing unknown errors in the Virgil Security SDKs or Crypto Library
  • Guidance scoping out project requirements
  • Training on topics like application development, cryptography and key management
  • $120/hour with two-hour minimum

Team support

You’re looking for someone to implement Virgil Security’s tools into your project

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  • Technical implementation of Virgil Security’s tools in your product
  • Fully scoping out project requirements
  • Ongoing expert consulting from Virgil Security on security or related topics
  • Best for large enterprise needs or ongoing project needs
  • Custom pricing


Don’t roll your own crypto

Virgil’s crypto libraries contain algorithms developed by the world’s leading cryptographers and support one-on-one, group communication, Perfect Forward Secrecy and Double Ratchet. You won’t find a more advanced open source library out there for multi-platform support.

Seamless key management

In addition to the public key directory and user authentication that connects to many popular services, Virgil’s SDKs manage to generate a private key in a way that only that user can see it but still allow other users to send messages for that private key to decrypt.

Compatible across multiple devices and platforms

Each device, operating system and language stores information differently. We’ve put in years of hard work to build out a suite of SDKs that work across any device your user would have.

Help from the experts

Our team has some of the brightest minds in the world working in cryptography. If you have a question, we probably have the answer. And we’re here to help you 24/7.

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