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PureKit: Data at Rest Security

Security framework for user passwords and data protection in a database
with functionality against online and offline attacks

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How it works

Data access control based on per-user encryption key management. Learn more

Data access control based on per-user encryption key management.


At least 6 reasons to choose Virgil PureKit for data encryption at rest.

  • 1

    End-users control their data and encryption keys

    Data can only be decrypted with a user’s personal encryption key, which itself is only available for the user who knows the password. 
  • 2

    More secure than AWS and Google key management systems

    Unlike others, PureKit provides user-specific encryption and a solution for protecting data beyond the inevitable database compromisation. 
  • 3

    Stronger than encryption at-rest and TDE

    PureKit provides data encryption with a number of advantages compared to TDE and encryption at-rest, such as more efficient keys infrastructure, PCS, and more. 
  • 4

    Provides protection against SQL injection

    PureKit is immune to SQL injection because the data is not stored as plaintext. 
  • 5

    Encryption occurs regardless of database security

    PureKit provides end-to-end encryption; therefore, data security does not rely on any device, network, or cloud provider. 
  • 6

    Post-compromise security for stored data

    PureKit allows instantly invalidate stolen databases by rotating keys and records remotely. 

Comply with Acts and Laws

Virgil Security builds developer toolkits that solve business problems by encrypting data and therefore lessening legal and compliance liability.



    Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

  • CCPA


    California Consumer Privacy Act

  • GDPR


    General Data Protection Regulation



    Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

From developers
for developers

We provide cross-platform, transparent and easy-to-use libraries. Here are some code snippets from our PureKit.

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// Register a user and encrypt their password
pure.registerUser("alice", "VeryStrongPassword");

// Authenticate the user and verify their password
AuthResult authResult = pure.authenticateUser("alice", "VeryStrongPassword");

// Encrypt the user’s SSN (Social Security Number) with their personal key
byte[] cipherText = pure.encrypt("alice", "SSN", "AAA-GG-SSSS");

// Decrypt the encrypted user’s SSN after the user has been authenticated
byte[] plainText = pure.decrypt(authResult.getGrant(), "SSN", cipherText);

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Use cases across all industries


Make your communication platform and backend HIPAA-compliant.


Manage cardholder data and personal financial information within a PCI DSS-compliant system.


Build IEEE-1609.2-compliant security solutions for protecting V2X communication.


Protect and manage access to sensitive data in the сloud storage.

Internet of Things
Internet of Things

Secure IoT devices from manufacturing to the end-user experience.

Industry 4.0
Industry 4.0

Build a fully protected industrial ecosystem and securely manage it across the stack.