How Virgil Security Products Can Help with HIPAA Compliance

How Virgil Security Products Can Help with HIPAA Compliance

Rebecca Yarbrough — April 12th, 2019

Your existing security might not be strong enough for true HIPAA Compliance. If you’re not using end-to-end encryption, you could be at risk for ePHI breaches and HHS fines.

With Virgil Security's flexible, customizable encryption solutions, you can make any data flow or storage functionality HIPAA compliant with our powerful developer toolkits:

  1. Send and store data in your system in a HIPAA-compliant manner without the cost of hiring your own team or delaying your production timeline
  2. 100% certainty that only patients and authorized medical professionals have access to ePHI using locally stored private keys
  3. Protect Internet of Medical Things devices against malware and data compromises

Compliant Communication

  1. Layer end-to-end encryption over your messaging to make it compliant with the key principles of HIPAA’s Security and Privacy Rules
  2. Even HIPAA-compliant Cloud providers breach out. Protect yourself by locking up PHI with end-to-end encryption.

Compliant Storage

  1. Storing the key in the database is no longer compliant. Protect PHI in your database from data breaches by adding a multi-party encryption layer so that any breached data is useless.

How to get started?

Sign up for a free Virgil Security developer account and follow our quickstart guides for building secure communication and secure storage applications.

Want to learn more? Contact us to talk about your use case and how to send and store ePHI in a HIPAA-compliant manner.

Virgil Security, Inc. builds developer toolkits that solve business problems by encrypting data and therefore lessening legal and compliance liability. Teams can secure their application data with end-to-end encryption, manage devices across a network, and secure passwords and PII in the database using Virgil’s suite of open source SDKs. To learn more, visit