Virgil Security has been selected as a Big50-2019 Startup

Virgil Security has been selected as a Big50-2019 Startup

Rebecca Yarbrough — October 10th, 2019

Virgil Security is excited to announce that we have been featured on the Big50-2019 Report, a compilation by the team at Startup50 of the 50 most compelling and promising startups in the world right now.

The Big50 startups were chosen from a field of over 400 startups based on the companies’ strong fundamentals (funding, team, named customers), market opportunity (current size, growth potential), and market niche (product-market fit and current demand).

Virgil Security was selected for the impressive way we make complicated security easy and painless to use for the average developer across any application or platform. Using our self-serve toolkits, developers can simplify their security decisions by locking up user data with end-to-end encryption using E3Kit and then use PureKit to keep passwords and data at-rest protected even if the rest of the database is exposed.

According to Startup50 founder Jeff Vance, all the startups have the right combination of attributes to compete in a high-growth, cutthroat, tech-driven markets. This year’s competition had by far the most competitive field to date.

Big50 alumni include an impressive list of public and private companies that have raised more than $1B in funding, some with market caps north of $5B.

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Jeff Vance founded Startup50 in 2013 as a site that would hunt for signal within all of the noise and hype surrounding startups. The goal is to strip away the spin and force startups to focus on what really matters: real people and real world problems they’re struggling to overcome.

Jeff has been covering tech startups for close to two decades, writing features articles and startup roundups for Network World, CIO, Forbes, Wired, Computerworld, PCWorld, eWeek, and many others.

Follow him on Twitter at @JWVance or connect with him on LinkedIn.

Virgil Security, Inc. enables developers to bring their own encryption to their product stack, without having to become a security expert using our self-serve toolkits. With E3Kit, developers can end-to-end encrypt application data across any platform and with PureKit, developers can protect passwords and data at-rest even if the database is compromised. Get started for free at

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